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Whether you are planning to renovate your house or build a new house, whether a bungalow, terraced house, a block of flats or a high-rise: read on when you want to save money and protect your nerves in the future.

A decision must be made! Do you want to be preoccupied with the facade of your house for the rest of your life or do you want to solve the problem once and for all.

You know what we mean when you already own a house. And you should certainly be aware of it before you become a house owner: the facade is often the weak point in a building. This is not very unusual in our part of the world. The weather is certainly not the best. It rains almost 200 days a year. Or it even snows and frost leads to tiny hair cracks. And then the sun burns down as in Africa for around 50 days a year.

We humans can adjust to the climate and protect ourselves – light clothing in summer and thick anoraks in winter. The facade of your house cannot protect itself against these temperature variations. And the result: even an expensive coating does not remain attractive very long. It must be repaired after just a few years – for a lot of money. It must be repainted about every two to five years, without even mentioning the other work necessary. The result is – builders and material bills. Just renting and erecting the scaffolding is expensive enough.

Another problem should not be ignored: heating costs. Many houses with the usual facades are not insulated optimally at all. And your valuable money just disappears through the walls.



  1. The INTE-ROBA-aluminium-facade with rendering or wood effect

  2. The INTE-ROBA-brick/rough stone facade with natural stone effect